I was enchanted to meet you.

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I'm intimidated by the fear of being average. Taylor swift is God.

hans holger albrecht

 bitches creeepin'




okay, listen here, pisswad.

first of all, i am pretty goddamn skinny and i’ve still got stretchmarks on my thighs. while stretchmarks can be because of weight gain, they can also be because of a multitude of other things. in my case, i go through a growth spurt every couple months. and anyway, if ur stretchmarks are because u’ve gained weight, no one gives five and a half shits. weight gain is normal and okay~

and second of all, who. fucking. cares. do u really see a girl with stretchmarks and instantly brand her as “fat” or “gross”? and even if she is considered fat or overweight, why does that even matter? chubby girls are cute. fat girls are cute. skinny girls are cute. all girls are cute and all girls (and boys and other individuals who identify as something else) deserve to feel cute and love their bodies. and they cant do that with ur judgmental ass walking around.

third of all, i’ve seen a lot of people calling stretchmarks “tiger stripes” or “sick ass lightening tattoos” and i agree. are u calling my sick ass lightening tattoos gross?

didnt think so

love (but not really),

ps: again, everyone is cute. except u. ur not cute, u body-shaming ball of bat shit.

this is stupid as shit for many reasons but let me just say that my boyfriend who is 5’9” and like 120 lbs has stretch marks on his hips. he’s skinny as FUCk and he has stretch marks from GROWING. growing taller, getting bigger as he went from child to teen to adult. like srsly. fuck off.